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President's Report
June 18, 2018

As we look back and reflect on the events of last year, we feel a sense of great pride to see the significant transformation and positive changes our company went through.


In line with our pursuit to diversify our portfolio from property development and mining exploration, into clean and renewable energy, we have implemented changes to strengthen our corporate governance.


In 2017, we have achieved the following Governance Milestones


  • Implemented changes within the Board and Management by inviting individuals with experience and expertise in the energy sector
  • Implemented the revised organizational chart to accommodate an Operations Unit and Business Development Unit
  • Implemented the revised Corporate Governance Manual, Board Charters, Employee Manuals and other company policies
  • Compliance and submission of Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, Financial Statements, and other regulatory compliances
  • Approvals during the conduct of the Annual Stockholder’s Meetings and Special Stockholder’s Meeting
  • Launch of the company website as the official platform to access significant information such as the plans, programs and projects
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  • Launch social media campaign through presence in official platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook


Further, we also achieved the following Project and Business Development Milestones

  • Acquisition of a stake in the 50MW Sepalco Solar Project (SEPALCO)
  • Pre-development activities for the 60MW Naga Solar Project (MREN)
  • Pre-development activities for the 100MW Clark Solar Project (SPI)
  • Pre-development activities for the Xentro Mall Solar Project (XRC)
  • Signed various MOUs and MOAs for the due diligence of various RE Projects such as solar PV project, solar farm, biomass and LNG facility

Indeed 2017 was a year of challenges and successes for us. But the increasing support that we receive from everyone is enough reason for us to work harder this year. Again, we thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown to our team. Good day and God bless us all!

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