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The MRC 2018 Activity Feeding Program

Project Name: Feeding Program for Children

Project Category: Community Services

Date & Time: 8:00 AM on July 5, 2018 o

Venue: Tondo, Manila City

Participants: 300 Children

MRC Allied Inc. in coordination with Project Pearls Inc. conducted a Feeding Program activity in Helping Land, an urban poor community in Tondo, Manila City. Helping Land sits on an active dumpsite and is home to hundreds of poor families whose main source of livelihood is scavenging from garbage. Most of them fill their hunger by relying on leftover food from restaurants thrown away in the garbage. 


The objective of the activity is to provide healthy meals and supplements to the most malnourished children in the Tondo area and to ensure that they do not go to school with empty stomach. 

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