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MRC Allied taps USI as contractor for 4-MW solar-power project

As published on BusinessMirror

MRC Allied Inc. (MRC) has chosen Uni Solar Inc. (USI) as its EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) contractor for a 4-megawatt (MW) solar-power project.

Under the contract signed by MRC and USI, the latter will provide the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the solar photovoltaic rooftop systems in various XRC community malls, including the operation and maintenance of the same.

USI is a domestic corporation engaged in the design, global sourcing, local distribution, manufacturing, sales of solar-powered products and the operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic rooftop systems. XRC, meanwhile, is engaged in the establishment and operation of Xentro Malls nationwide.

“This project with USI and XRC will solidify the entry of MRC into the solar photovoltaic industry. It will also bring the company closer to its aspirational goal of developing at least 200 MW of clean and renewable energy each year,” MRC President and Chief Executive Officer Gladys Nalda said.

MRC is diversifying into an energy company. It previously disclosed that it will now be able “to develop, design, construct, operate, maintain, buy, acquire, sell, import and export renewable and clean-energy equipment, systems, power plants and technologies that produce electricity from renewable and clean-energy resources such as, but not limited to solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, liquefied natural gas, and other clean- and renewable-energy sources.”

The contract will take effect upon execution of MRC and XRC of a final agreement relating to the total target capacity of 4MW solar rooftop system for XRC’s malls. In the final agreement, XRC will allow USI to install the solar rooftop system within the malls identified and nominated by the former.

MRC will pay USI at least P200 million for the installation of the initial target capacity of at least 4MW.

Construction will take six months at most from issuance of notice to proceed by MRC to USI. The operation and maintenance period of the solar PV system is set at 20 years.

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