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MRC inaugurates solar rooftop project

As published on Manila Standard.

MRC Allied Inc. said wholly-owned subsidiary Menlo Renewable Energy Corp. inaugurated its pilot 550-kilowatt solar rooftop project in Northern Luzon.

MRC Allied president Augusto Cosio said in a statement that with the project, the company was not only marking a milestone but was also helping rebuild the agriculture sector.

“Today we are not only making history in MREN but for MRC as well. We have finally kicked off our RE portfolio through this pilot project, and we are working hard to produce more through our RE subsidiary, MREN,” Cosio said.

The solar rooftop project is installed on a rice mill and is seen helping the agricultural sector by reducing power costs.

“It’s been a great first year for me with MRC and working with one of our subsidiaries MREN because we were able to realize this pilot project in less than a year,” Cosio said.

The project is seen as MREN and MRC’s way of making renewable energy technology accessible to other industries such as the agricultural sector.

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